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Our next 99 Things will be on Thursday 31st March, at the Elwes Arms on Oakdale Road.  We’re having lunch (which you’ll need money for!) and grappling with Revelation for an hour or so.  Revd Dr Ian Paul is coming to help us!  Book your place with Jane Cook on: 0115 958 2823 or 07773 412 605 so we can organise car sharing.

All Welcome – any age; any creed!

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99 Things is our project based on the book “99 Things to do between here and heaven”, by Peter Graystone.

About 6 times a year, we take some time to be together and do something a bit different.  It’s for fun, fellowship and to take some time to be open to God in a different way from the usual Sunday services.  You’re welcome to join us at any or all of the events.  They are each stand alone, so you don’t have to have been to one to come to another.

So far, we have baked bread together; read the Gospel of Mark in one Sitting; watched a sunrise; shared stories about our faith; visited a Jewish Synagogue; been to watch a film at the cinema and have lunch together; had a recorder lesson – resulting in us playing a piece of music at the next church service; miles cows; thought about death (not as morbid as it sounds) and visited the observatory.

Coming up: Find out about Celtic Christianity; discover prayer using icons.

Keep an eye on here for updates!

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