Cinema Club

Next film will be shown on Thursday 10th August at 2pm.  Please email: to vote for the film you’d like to watch.  Or find us on Facebook:

St John’s Community Cinema.

Poster to follow…


Good Dino Png


The curtains and blinds are up and the hall has been painted – thank you to all who helped.  Now we need someone to appear who can help us work out what will be the best surround system we can get for the money we have!  Could it be you?!  Please get in touch!


We are currently raising funds for a community cinema.  While we are raising the funds, we watch the occasional film on the smaller screens in church, with great sound!

Our next cinema night is on Saturday 30th April at 5:30pm.  Free admission and tuck for sale before the film and half way through.  Please let us know what film (PG or U) you would like to see – current suggestions are Kung Fu Panda 1, 2 or 3; The Good Dinosaur.  If you would like to vote / make a suggestion, please comment below or email me at

Two teams from Vineyard Church are going to come and paint for us over the Easter Holidays and a local company are supplying a scaffold tower and scissor lift so they can reach the high bits!

The curtains and blinds will go up in the May half term.

We have raised around £5,500 which will pay for the curtains and blinds required to black out the Narthex.  (There are a lot of windows!)  Boots have donated a screen.  So we are well on the way….

So far, local and other individual people have contributed £430; the council £740; local businesses £2170; trusts and charities £2000; Colwick Church £200.  If you would like to donate to this project, any gift would be extremely welcome, no matter how large or small.  The next lot of money will go towards a quality sound system.